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How to Get Paid to Teach With Outschool (Even with Zero Experience)
Online teaching platforms like Outschool let you teach from the comfort of home, earning money in your spare time. The main criteria for leading a class is a passion for educating, rather than a teaching degree.
How Online Education Startup Outschool Raised $45 Million During The Pandemic
Demand has surged for Outschool’s live online classes for K-12 students.
Outschool Is In, Raising $45M to Beam Live, Small-Group Classes to Homes - EdSurge News
Outschool, a marketplace for live online classes for kids, started out in 2015 with a focus on serving families that homeschool. But now, with much of ...
Outschool, newly profitable, raises a $45M Series B for virtual small group classes
Remote learning resources for parents educating kids at home
Michelle Ferre, teacher and host of the YouTube channel “Pocketful of Primary,” tells Hoda and Jenna her tips for parents who are educating kids from home. She shares websites that parents can use to help their kids learn online, talks about ways to get financial assistance for programming, and reco…
Remote learning doesn’t have to be awful. Here’s what actually works
As more and more schools go remote, getting digital learning right is imperative. Teachers and remote learning experts share what they know works and what they’re planning for the coming school year.
Six Edtech Businesses Leading The Way During Lockdown
Edtech businesses have been meeting a crucial need during lockdown, with demand soaring for their services
Back to school: 7 ways to win at online learning
Many families are gearing up for what likely will amount to another semester of online learning due to the coronavirus pandemic. Here are seven tips for making online learning more effective as kids go back to school.
If your child’s school closes, don’t panic: Here’s a list of homeschooling resources
Bookmark this list of resources and ideas for coronavirus-related school closures.
Amid Coronavirus, Parents ‘Pod Up’ to Form At-Home Schools
Wary of sending their children back into classrooms, some families are joining into pods to teach kids; other parents look online to replace or supplement in-person instruction.
Not Everyone Hates School at Home
Despite the challenges of at-home learning, some parents are considering teaching kids at home this fall.
- The Washington Post
Homeschool pods are gaining traction amid worries about school reopening; here’s how parents are getting the finances to work
President Donald Trump criticizes the CDC guidelines for the upcoming school year. Which includes children, teachers, and staff getting regularly tested. USA TODAY
7 online resources to help supplement your kids’ homeschool learning
Back to schooling this year means homeschooling for many families. Here are 7 online resources to help supplement your kids’ homeschool learning.
Interest in Homeschooling Has ‘Exploded’ Amid Pandemic
As parents nationwide prepare to help their children with more distance learning, a small but quickly growing number are deciding to take matters entirely into their own hands and begin homeschooling.
Coronavirus has upended school plans. It will also worsen racial and economic inequalities, experts warn
As more schools opt for virtual learning, some students may be left behind.
6 startups that are helping parents launch pandemic school pods this fall
Pandemic pods and microschools are popular as the school year nears and reopening is full of uncertainty, and these startups are stepping in to help.
Desperate parents are turning to ‘learning pods’ this fall. Here’s what it can cost
So-called “learning pods” or “pandemic pods” are small, in-person groups of students learning together with the help of an in-person tutor or teacher.
How to Form a Pod or Micro-School
Back in the spring, when some of us were still using magical thinking when it came to what school would look like in the fall, a few friends started bringing up the concept of “forming a pandemic pod.” It seemed like a cozy, communal way of raising children on a budget, but probably unnecessary, we …
101 free resources for home-schooling or going remote this fall
Amid threats from President Trump to withhold funding from schools if they don’t reopen their doors in the fall, education officials are scrambling to implement safety measures. Meanwhile, schools that have reopened around the globe are offering some answers, as well as warnings. NBC’s Molly Hunter …
Gear to Get You Through the Pandemic: Our NYC Editor’s Guide
Looking for ways to keep the kids busy and stay a little sane? These products are helping make our life a little easier and fun!
How to start an education ‘pandemic pod’ for less than $100
Wealthy parents are hiring private teachers for as much as $100,000. But veteran homeschoolers say the movement is rooted in spending little money.
Families unhappy with back-to-school plans turn to bubbles, private tutors
COVID-19 fears will keep Rachel Danzinger-Marmer from sending her two grade-schoolers back to class this fall. And a hectic family business — along with their toddler and baby siblings — will make it impossible for her to help them learn remotely. Danzinger-Marmer says getting her kids an …
How Will My Kids Socialize at Online School? - Your Teen Mag
With online schooling imminent, it’s important to find ways for students to engage socially. Laurel Springs shares how they foster social interaction.
Parents exploring home-schooling during coronavirus with learning ‘pods’
Parents are spending hundreds a month to host home-schooling “pods” with back-to-school uncertainties during COVID-19.
Have Your Kids Learn Spanish Online as You Dream of Travel
Why should our kids learn Spanish online now? Well, for one thing, this is a good distraction for moms and dads who swore you would never stop traveling, even after having kids and now find yourselves grounded. Though we’re not exactly stamping our passports, we can still be those parents who prepar…
4 Employee Benefit Ideas to Help Parents This School Year
Here are some practical ways you can support staff members who are balancing work with kids and remote schooling.
4 Employee Benefit Ideas to Help Parents This School Year
Here are some practical ways you can support staff members who are balancing work with kids and remote schooling.
Learning in the New Online Education World
Amir Nathoo, CEO of Outschool, Discusses Remote Learning, Keeping Children Engaged, and the Future of Online Education
Home schooling during coronavirus: Here’s how to get started
As many schools make plans to reopen in the fall, more parents are exploring home schooling and online education options.
Homeschool Happens Everywhere - Education Next
Less formal instruction, but more family and community activities
‘Learning pods’ threaten to widen the privilege gap in Bay Area schooling
As the issue of safely reopening schools in-class is being fiercely debated across the country many Bay Area parents have decided to take a do-it-yourself approach to learning. The fear that this abrupt shift in schooling will only widen inequities and racial segregation within school districts ha…
Startups Weekly: What education do you need to build a great tech company? – TechCrunch
The easy startup ideas have all been done — the ones that just required some homebrew hardware hacking or PHP dorm-room coding to get off the ground. These days, you might need multiple advanced technical degrees to accomplish something significant. At least that’s what Danny Crichton muses grimly t…
Some Parents Are Starting Pandemic Homeschooling Pods—But They Leave Other Kids Behind
Parents are rethinking their children’s education with “pandemic pods” as a reaction to potential health risks, but at what cost to less privileged families?
Making homeschooling cool again
Most parents are still not yet sure whether their children will be attending school in person this fall. So, some have decided to take matters into their own hands and create their own kind of school — a sort of microschool that relies on traditional homeschooling techniques.
6 Tips For Homeschooling In Fall 2020
As schools and districts across the country finalize back-to-school plans amidst the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, some parents are instead choosing independent homeschooling.
The case for unschooling
Stressed about your kids’ plans come fall? Consider unschooling
Walmart Launched a Free, Virtual Camp, and Neil Patrick Harris Is the Head Counselor
Families can sign kids up for online camps in everything from Minecraft to Harry Potter.
As COVID-19 surges, more parents plan to home school their kids
Amid threats from President Trump to withhold funding from schools if they don’t reopen their doors in the fall, education officials are scrambling to implement safety measures. Meanwhile, schools that have reopened around the globe are offering some answers, as well as warnings. NBC’s Molly Hunter …
Got Bored Kids? Here Are 20 Fun Activities For A Pandemic Summer
Midway through this pandemic summer, many working parents are still desperate for creative options to preserve a summer filled with unexpected limitations. Here are 20 great options for fun activities the kids will love.
Pence Says CDC Guidelines Will Be Changed After President Trump Tweets Disapproval
Vice President Mike Pence claimed that the guidelines would be reexamined as the President pushes for students to return in the fall.
Free summer camp resources to help your kids through quarantine
The 3rd hour of TODAY’s Sheinelle Jones talks to illustrator Wendy MacNaughton to learn more about her live drawing class that she’s been offering on Instagram. Since March, thousands of kids have been tuning in with Wendy every day, and now she’s going to be hosting a virtual summer camp.
8 things to think hard about if you’re considering homeschooling this fall
If you’re like 30% of parents who say they’re considering homeschooling because of COVID-19 next fall, here are the factors to think through.
Looking for remote learning options for the kids? Here’s our review of Outschool online classes
IT WOULD be an enormous understatement to say that the past few months haven’t been difficult on parents and their school-age children, who haven’t been able to attend school. The summe…
22 online camps approved by Common Sense Media
Summer camps across the country are going virtual, and here’s what they may mean for kids.
Virtual Summer Camps Are Opening to Help Kids Learn While Social Distancing
Depending on the child’s age and personality, there are educational subjects to suit anyone—STEM, sports, cooking, as well as arts and crafts.
23 Virtual Summer Camps That Will Keep Your Little Ones Engaged
These virtual summer camps for children of all ages provide activities and games, and will keep them engaged and occupied amid the COVID-19 outbreak.
Parenting During The COVID-19 Pandemic | Goop
Family therapist Ashley Graber shares advice on parenting during the COVID-19 pandemic and on creating a positive space at home for children.
9 Virtual Summer Camps to Check Out for Kids of All Ages
summer will look a little different this year, but that’s ok!
42 Creative Ways Parents Around The U.S. Are Salvaging Summer
There’s a good chance that whatever visions you had for your family’s summer of 2020 have been significantly altered. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, lots of us are without the child care, let alone entertainment, we normally count on this time of…
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